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Professional Learning  

Quality, online, accredited  training for teachers.

Teachers gain extensive knowledge of practical ways to enhance the literacy outcomes of every student.  

Assisting teachers to work smarter not harder

Accredited Professional Learning


Teachers with this training, have successfully enhanced their professional practice and significantly enhanced the literacy outcomes across their schools. 


Designed to provide the skills, strategies and techniques to use immediately with your students in the classroom. 


This research based, robust and reliable training has assisted thousands of teachers to confidently and competently enhance their literacy instruction. 

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"The secret to good learning is good teaching"

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The essentials of good teaching practice have stood the test of time. Mastering the skills of targeted, explicit, systematic instruction is fundamental to every students learning success.

Our teachers have
a few nice things to say about us

"All our teachers are now trained and are on the same page. Consistant, systematic, targeted, explicit teaching in every room. Matching the Magic Words playing cards to the guided reading, learning centre activities and phonics program has significantly improved our results."
Jo - Principal
"Evidence based, data driven teaching is our goal and now we have the ideal resources and assessment tools to drive our practice. Explicit teaching, termly testing, the 75 Word Rule, and triangulation of the data with Running Records has given us the proof of improved teaching and learning."
Beth - Literacy Leader
"The myth busters were incredible and I learnt so much. Best professional learning I've done in years. I will only be testing once per term and teaching the rest of the time. It all integrates so easily into my literacy and makes perfect sense."
Anita - Teacher
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